AD lekérdezés (ldifde/csvde)

csvde -f c:\group.csv -s general -d "CN=Finance,OU=NewYork,OU=People,DC=hbo,DC=homebox,DC=com" -r "(&(objectClass=group)(cn=PATTERN_1*PATTERN_2*))" -l "cn"
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    Convert ascii string to hex
    Terminal – Convert ascii string to hex
    echo -n ‘text’ | xxd -ps | sed ‘s/[[:xdigit:]]\{2\}/\\x&/g’
    2010-07-13 21:46:30
    User: camocrazed
    Functions: echo sed
    Convert ascii string to hex
    Same as another one I saw, just with a cleaner sed command
    Edit: updated the sed command to use the [[:xdigit:]] character class – more portable between locales
    Note that it will have a newline inserted after every 32 characters of input, due to the output of xxd