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    Ad Networks vs. Ad Exchanges: How They Stack Up

    This whitepaper compares ad networks and ad exchanges from the perspective of web publishers looking to maximize their advertising revenue. It outlines the fundamentally different ways in which ad networks and ad exchanges sell publisher inventory, highlights the benefits of ad exchanges over ad networks in terms of driving up publisher revenue, and explains why an ad exchange is an essential component of every publishers’ monetization strategy…
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    Overview: Using the VAST Standard in Brightcove Players

    This topic introduces the VAST ad formats supported by Brightcove.

    The Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) is an industry standard for the XML response from an ad server. Brightcove is an early adopter of VAST and now offers full support for VAST 2.0 and 1.0. Before considering using VAST, you should verify that your ad server supports it. If your ad servers support VAST, you may consider using it instead of the Brightcove ad formats.

    Brightcove players support VAST 2.0 and 1.0 ads with all combinations of Video, Companion, and NonLinear elements, as well as VAST wrappers. This enables third party ad serving for video, making daisy-chaining of ad servers and ad network integration much easier. These enhancements help you to readily use ad networks to sell unsold video ad inventory. With VAST 2.0, you can also deliver ad SWFs using the VPAID standard.

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    Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) 2.0
    PLEASE NOTE: An update was made to the 2.0 Schema because of a small typo found. Please use the schema labeled vast_2.0.1 as the official VAST 2.0 schema. This Video Ad Serving Template (“VAST”) includes a standard XML-based ad response for in-stream video as well as an XML Schema Definition (“XSD”) for developers. It is meant to accommodate the majority of current practices within the online digital video advertising business.

    IAB members are encouraged to show their compliance with VAST through the IAB Compliance Seal Program.

    VAST is designed for any on-demand video player where the ad response is parsed prior to play. For example, use of this standard would be appropriate within an Adobe Flash player if the ad response was requested and parsed in ActionScript but would not be appropriate if contained directly within a SMIL playlist directly sent to the player. It may be possible to use this XML format for applications other than on-demand viewing such as live video streaming, downloadable video players, set-top boxes, etc, but those applications are explicitly beyond the scope of the current effort.

    The goal of this specification is to be compatible with any video player framework that has the ability to be scriptable. It will be up to each Secondary Ad Server to develop its own implementation of the standard and it will be up to each publisher or vendor to implement the standard in their Primary Ad Server and their Video Players.

    It is assumed in this document that Video Players will align impression tracking with the IAB Digital Video Impression Guidelines.

    This document is intended to support both Linear Video Ads (such as “pre-rolls”), Non-linear Video Ads (such as “overlays”) and Companion ads as defined in the IAB Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines. Many Non-linear ads include complex interaction with the underlying Video Player, and thus the VAST standard may not be entirely sufficient for implementing such ads across ad servers at this time. It is also important to note that VAST does not specify the positioning or timing of the ads within a video player; it is left to the video player itself to determine this since the player is the entity with the understanding of the context in which the ads will appear.

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    The Advertiser Advantage
    ADTECH’s ad serving platform allows advertisers to make the most of their digital marketing efforts by given them the tools to create sophisticated targeting and optimization for their ad campaigns. Manage, serve and evaluate virtually any kind of online advertising campaign including display, video and mobile formats.

    It’s Your Data, Use It Put your data to work to deliver more effective advertising. ADTECH integrates with your internal processes to make ad management smarter. Through the use of unique identifiers, you can track customer-specific information and measure how successful your campaigns are down to the individual level. So you can learn exactly what works for whom and manage your campaigns at optimum profit levels. Just as importantly, you can rest assured that your data is secure – you own it, you keep it, you control it.

    Centralized Ad Management You may have different agencies and partners working on your behalf, but now you can house all your campaigns in one location. Permission-based logins allow multiple partners to only view and manage their specific campaigns while affording you a global perspective. Now you can evaluate the performance of your media, ad network and agency partners regardless of location. ADTECH also combines both Publisher and Advertiser workflows in one ad server, allowing you to access both through a single login. All your ad campaign data is stored in one place. And you hold the keys.

    Work in Real Time Don’t waste time waiting for campaigns to launch, changes to take effect and results to appear in reporting. ADTECH’s LIVE features allow you to monitor and optimize your online campaigns in minutes. Rather than waiting a days to see transaction records, you can see this information reflected in reporting within fifteen minutes.

    Customized Dashboard The ADTECH dashboard gives you greater flexibility for your ad management. This widget-based user desktop allows you to adjust it to your personal needs to view important campaign and network information at a glance and then access greater detail with only one click. All information relevant to your daily work is clearly displayed how you need it, when you need it.

    Learn how ADTECH’s advanced technology and custom tailored services guarantee your competitive advantage. Contact our sales representatives today!