AjaxPush/Comet + migrate2glassfish


Welcome to Atmosphere, a portable AjaxPush/Comet and WebSocket Framework

Atmosphere is a POJO based framework using Inversion of Control (IoC) to bring push/Comet and Websocket to the masses! Finally a framework which can run on any Java based Web Server, including Tomcat, Jetty, GlassFish, Weblogic, Grizzly, JBossWeb and JBoss, Resin, etc. without having to learn how Comet or WebSocket support has been differently implemented by all those Containers. The Atmosphere Framework has both client (JQuery PlugIn) and server component.

Servlet 3.0 is supported along with framework like Jersey, GWT, Struts, Spring, Wicket etc. and programming language like JRuby, Groovy and Scala. Finally, any web application can be clustered using our Cluster plugin architecture supporting JMS or JGroups.



Migrate To GlassFish

Welcome to the Migrate To GlassFish project. This project is part of Project GlassFish. The goal of this project is to help in migration of J2EE/Java EE applications to the GlassFish application server. The following resources are available.

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