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10 Essential Tools for building ASP.NET Websites

I recently put together a simple public website created with ASP.NET for my company at I was surprised by the number of free tools that I ended up using to put together the website. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to create a list of essential tools for building ASP.NET websites. These tools work equally well with both ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC.

10 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

What can I say, I’ve been in love with Google Chrome since they day it was released. I resisted using it until extensions were added, as I was highly dependent on my Firefox plugins as a web developer. As Chrome gets more and more popular, tons of great extensions are being developed that have made it one of the (if not the) best browsers around.

Sergio Pereira » Android App From Idea to Market In a Few Hours

Android App From Idea to Market In a Few Hours

I had been playing a little bit with Android development but not really worried about creating any useful or commercially viable application yet. I believe I’ll end up creating a handful of small apps, some for personal use and some for fun. It will not hurt if a fraction of those yield some profit, but that isn’t a realistic goal for now.

Maybe I’m wrong, but judging from what I’ve done professionally up to this date, I think any money that I eventually make with mobile apps will come from custom built LOB apps.

Nevertheless, the app I’m going to walk us through in this post is a free and for-fun project. You can find the complete source code at the bottom.

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